Interior Surfaces Conference

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

28 - 29 March 2007

Conference Program


Wednesday, 28 March 2006

Session 1: Plenary Session

Welcoming remarks
Kurt Fischer, Technical Conference Management


Hyperrealism and decorative surfaces - the end of creativity?
Klaus Hofmann, Dynea Austria


Design democracy: Diverse finishes working in harmony
Kenn Busch, Busch Creative Communications


Digital décor printing – chances and pitfalls from a digital print studio's viewpoint
Stefan Fiedler, Salon Iris

10:30 Coffee break

Developments and perspective of digital printing
Annette Seidenberg and Susanne Rüenbrink, Westag & Getalit


An idea that has become a reality: Digital printed flooring
Luca Onesti, Bipan


Digital inkjet direct decor print for wooden panels and tiles
Richard Piock and Norbert von Aufschnaiter, Durst Phototechnik

12:30 Lunch break

Direct printing for laminate floorings: chances and challenges
Volker Kettler, MeisterWerke


New surface effects for PDL flooring
Ali Vahlhaus, Treffert Holding


Printing inks for rigid materials
Jason Sawkill, Hartmann Druckfarben

15:30 Coffee break

Analyzing various approved surface coating technologies
Tobias Schreck, Bürkle


Direct printing on wood surfaces and other panel substrates
Joachim Voigt and Andreas Lentner, Hymmen

17:00 End of day 1
19:00 Conference Dinner (dresscode: informal)


Thursday, 29 March 2007


Session 2:

Session 3:
Thermoplastic foils
Session 4:
Solvent free coatings

Production of decorative surfaces: Technological aspects
Leonid Barash, Slotex

Thermoplastic foils in the surfaces industry – market and applications
Stephan Schunck, Surteco

Technological trends in panel finishing
Michel Philips, Cytec


Focus on melamine
Hubert Kamola,
Zaklady Azotowe “Pulawy”

"Flooring"- melamine versus direct printing or finish foil
Erich Berger, Laublack

Water thinnable and UV curing high solid coatings: Solutions for reducing VOC emissions in the furniture industry
Albert Keiler, Adler Lacke


Securing quality on laminate floor coverings
Tor Gunnar Bartnes, Alloc

Adhesion properties of MDF furniture fronts coated with thermoplastic foils
Mario Beyer, Ingrid Fuchs and Simone Wenk, Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden

New approaches in photoprotection of wood surfaces
Wolfgang Peter, Daniel Rogez and Christian Schaller,
Ciba Specialty Chemicals

10:30 Coffee break

Manufacturing of high gloss surfaces - challenges in rapid production
Andreas Kandelbauer
University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna

Economic lamination of 3D high gloss foils
Reinhard Huber, Bürkle

Powder coatings on wood based materials – Chances, requirements on materials and on the application technologies, reachable surface qualities with UV hardening and thermosetting powder coatings
Helmut Bauch, Rico Emmler, Detlef Krug and Ingrid Fuchs, Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden


CPL and HPL with electron beam cured surfaces
Ralf Michael Gerigk,
DTS Systemoberflächen

Manufacturing of resilient PVC flooring with double belt presses
Michael Hesse, Hymmen

What is the impact of titanium dioxide pigments on the curing behaviour of white industrial UV paints?
Thomas von Oppenkowski, Kronos International

12:00 Lunch break
Session 5: Plenary Session

Quality life: Enhancing the productivity in panel production through real-time monitoring of multiple production lines with camera-based inspection systems
Robert Massen, Massen Machine Vision Systems


Quality assurance centre and process optimisation for the complete production process of laminate flooring
Jürgen Bückner, Grecon


Coffee break


Dynamics of (melamine) binders: Porter's five forces model
Jan-Jaap Nusselder, DSM Melamine


Feeling the difference - customer's perception of various lacquer and laminate surfaces
Günter Berger, Hermann Katz and Alexander Petutschnigg, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

16:00 End of conference




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