The TCM Global Team

From left to right: Kenn Busch, TCM North America, Kurt Fischer, Technical Conference Management, Bernd Rademacher, TCM Asia

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Joint Venture for our American Conferences
Technical Conference Management and Material Intelligence started a new joint venture named TCM North America. From 2015 on,
TCM North America will organize all our American events (Link to TCM North America's website).

Joint Venture for our Asian Conferences
Technical Conference Management, Langenzersdorf, Austria, and Bridge's for Concepts SDN, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, started a new joint venture named TCM-Asia. From 2013 on, TCM-Asia will organize events in the Asia/Pacific region. (Link to TCM-Asia's website).

Conference Sponsoring
Use our conferences to present your company! You can act as a general sponsor or just invite the participants to a reception or dinner. Whatever your choice, your message will be ideally presented to your customers. Please call us for further information.

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The Austrian legislation concerning trade over the internet (e-commerce) requires us to disclose certain information on our website. You will find this information on the menu "TCM".